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'23 Law of Attraction Celebrity Success Stories'

Discover How These 23 Stars Got to the Top (And Stayed There) Using the Law of Attraction...In this FREE 127 Page eBook

  • See for yourself how the universal Law of Attraction can be used to achieve success in almost any field - From supermodels to superheroes, music icons to martial arts masters, you'll see why they ALL claim the key to their success was using the Law of Attraction.
  • Learn the inspirational stories of how these celebs used the Law of Attraction to overcome personal tragedies, poor upbringings, and even 'lack of talent'...and go on to achieve everything from gold records and gold medals to box office hits and billion-dollar bank accounts
  • Discover the EXACT Law of Attraction techniques the stars used to finally escape lack and limitation and become super-successful (...and how you could do the same)
  • Thoroughly researched and incorporating rare archival material - Hear the celebs describe in their own words how they mastered the Law of Attraction in extracts from rare (or forgotten) interviews and writings
  • 127 pages of Law of Attraction deep-dive - Go beyond surface Law of Attraction success stories for a thorough investigation of each celeb's history and experience with manifesting
  • ...and so much more
23 Law of Attraction Celebrity Success Stories eBook

You'll read stories including...

  • How a nun's offhand comment led to the greatest breakthrough year in cinema history
  • The Hollywood A-lister who used manifesting to overcome partial paralysis, bullying, debilitating poverty, and uncooperative casting become one of the most beloved stars of the silver screen
  • The billionaire who credits her eye-watering net worth to her mastery of manifestation
  • How visualization helped this superstar 'terminate' negativity and achieve huge success in sport, cinema, and politics
  • The 'late bloomer' who went from homeless college dropout to a mega-rich TV funnyman thanks to the LOA
  • Why this businesswoman believes her cruel teacher abusive ex helped her discover the Law of Attraction, 'grow rich', and become the badass business shark she is today
  • The Law of Attraction affirmation secret behind this pop culture icon's amazing, age-defying good looks
  • How the Law of Attraction helped this pop starlet break free of a bad record label deal and achieve worldwide fame...virtually overnight
  • The basketball giant whose accidental discovery of the Law of Attraction made achieving success a slam dunk
  • The MMA 'laughing stock' who went from unknown contender to undisputed champion...and the method he says can help his fans achieve the same success in their own lives
  • ...and more
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23 Law of Attraction Celebrity Success Stories eBook
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23 Law of Attraction Celebrity Success Stories eBook
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