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Ever since “The Secret” was released in 2006, there has been a ton of media attention focused on the law of attraction.

And, you’d think that all media attention would be a cause for celebration.

I mean, if more people are aware of the law of attraction, that means more people who can use this awesome power to break out of mediocrity, free themselves from misery and totally transform their lives…right?

Well, no, unfortunately.

You see, through a combination of different factors (viewer misinterpretation, unclear dialogue, and serious omissions), long-standing myths have formed about what the law of attraction is and how it works.

In fact, these myths are so pervasive that many people believe they thoroughly understand the law of attraction…even though they’ve spent almost zero time researching it.

And while these myths have certainly kept some people from ever trying the law of attraction… Even worse is the damage it’s done to those who DO try to use the law…but find their results are disappointing, sporadic…or even non-existent.

Well, in this article, were going to clear some of the confusion for you and debunk the biggest Law of attraction myths that have been holding you back.


Law of Attraction Myth #1 – The Law of Attraction is ‘New’


To many people, the Law of attraction is something new, a ‘fad’ that began in 2006 when the film, The Secret was released.

Oh boy…

People who believe this couldn’t be more wrong.

While it’s absolutely true that a huge explosion of interest and media attention followed on from the release of that movie, you can find Law of Attraction books that predate The Secret by more than one hundred years.

In fact, you can find references to the law of attraction that go back thousands of years. For instance, references to the law exist in all manner of religious texts: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, etc

…so the LOA is by no means new.

But there’s something else that you should know…

The law of attraction isn’t something that people invented. It’s something that people discovered (and later learned how to harness).

And so, just as we know that gravity existed LONG before Isaac Newton discovered it in 1687, the law of attraction predates our written record.


Law of Attraction Myth #2 – You Can Get What You Want Just By Visualizing or Saying Affirmations


Okay, so this myth is partly true.

You see, some people mistakenly believe that daydreaming, visualizing, repeating affirmations and mantras, or, just generally ‘wishing for something’ is a magical process that allows you to manifest whatever you were thinking about.

But, of course, that’s not true…

After all, we all know the kids spend hours daydreaming but don’t always get what they want

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Instead, the reality is that things like visualizing and repeating affirmations are simply tools… Tools that are designed to change your deep-seated beliefs.

And it’s when you do this, when you change your BELIEFS, that you’re able to manifest what you want in your life.

This is why you’ll come across things like Napoleon Hill’s quote “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve”

and why Henry Ford is quoted as saying “whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right”

and it’s also the reason for LOA manifesting formulas like: Ask, Believe, Receive.

So, visualizing, affirmations, vision boards, mantras, any other technique… None of these techniques are what actually taps into the law of attraction and helps you manifest your goal.

Instead, each of them are simply tools that are designed to change your beliefs and reprogram your mind at a deep, subconscious level.

… And it’s through this mechanism, through changing your subconscious mind, that manifestation actually happens


Law of Attraction Myth #3 – You Don’t Need to Do ANY Work


Some people believe that the law of attraction is about making things like cars, money, and houses materialize out of thin air…with absolutely zero work on your part.

Again, this is another myth that is partly true.

You see…

While there are examples of manifestations that happen with zero work (for instance, people suffering long-term with a rash who manifest clear skin)…

More often than not, the law of attraction doesn’t literally drop things in your lap.

Instead, it presents you with new opportunities, puts the right people in your path at the exact right time, gives you moments of amazing creativity and intuition, etc

In other words, it makes everything easier, faster, smoother, and sets in motion a series of ‘lucky’ coincidences that make achieving your goal virtually effortless.

Unfortunately, this belief, that the law of attraction is about achieving goals without doing any work, is one of the most pervasive, far-reaching, and harmful, of all the myths on our list.

It’s because of this myth that many people believe the law of attraction is for lazy, delusional people and dreamers.

And it’s because of this myth that some so-called law of attraction gurus teach the unbelievably BAD advice that “if you take any action, you’re not REALLY using the Law of Attraction”…

But, none of this is true.

When you read about famous actors, entrepreneurs, singers, and athletes who all swear by the Law of Attraction…

Well, these aren’t lazy people.

They didn’t sit on the sidelines dreaming, waiting for opportunity to land in their lap.

Instead, they took action…

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but the difference is that they had the Law of Attraction greasing the gears and giving them an almost unbelievably easy ride on the path to success.

So, let me be clear, when you use the law of attraction, don’t expect your goal to drop into your lap fully formed with zero effort on your part.

Instead, you’ll need to take ‘inspired action’.

But, the good news is that, when the law of attraction is working in your favor, you’ll actually want to take action and enjoy it…because, now, life stops feeling difficult and starts to feel like a game… A game that you finally know how to play…a game that you’re winning…and that you LOVE playing.


Law of Attraction Myth #4 – You Can Use the LOA to Achieve ANYTHING You Want


Can you use the law of attraction to manifest absolutely anything?

Well, not exactly…

In theory, you can… but in practice, not really.

That’s because you don’t manifest whatever you want or whatever you can imagine…only what you can BELIEVE.

And for most people, suspending disbelief becomes more difficult the larger the goal they want to manifest…or the greater the distance between their dream life and their current reality.

For instance, someone who’s making $40,000 a year and wants to increase their income will, typically, find it easier to believe they can increase their income in the next 12 months to $100,000 than $1,000,000.

But, if belief is the obstacle…then that begs the question how we can manifest bigger goals

Well, there are two different approaches

The first is to ‘build-up’ to your bigger goals.

So, instead of trying to get there in one big, giant leap you try and get to the final destination through several smaller, mini-manifestations.

Doing this not only makes the jump between each manifestation a smaller step outside of your current reality (and therefore demands less belief)… But also, as you start to see the law of attraction working, this builds your belief in the manifesting process, which makes things easier.

The second approach to achieve these bigger goals is simply to use techniques for changing your subconscious mind that are more powerful, more efficient (i.e. faster)…and also to recognize that the greater the hurdle of ‘disbelief’ you need to overcome, the longer ANY technique will typically take before you see changes.


Law of Attraction Myth #5 – You Need to Micro-Manage and Control EVERY Thought


No, no, no…

Okay, this is another false belief that I absolutely HATE, because of how much it holds people back.

So, the idea behind this myth is that your thoughts are powerful, your thoughts are what manifest your reality and, because of this, you need to control absolutely 100% of your thoughts.

You need to be the equivalent of a hyped-up highway patrol officer trying to control busy rush hour traffic, 24 hours a day.

You have to become a laser-targeted, negative-thought-removing, search-and-destroy missile.

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You have to transform yourself into some kind of a hermit, separated off, away from the rest of humanity, so you never see any depressing news, read any negative novels, or talk to anyone who might ‘bring you down’

…doesn’t sound very relaxing, does it?

When you try to do this, you’re not just buying yourself a one-way ticket to stress city, you’re also setting yourself up for serious failure.

Here’s three reasons why…

First, it’s basically IMPOSSIBLE to control all of your thoughts.

Your thoughts are like a run of salmon swimming along a river.

They move quickly, they’re slippery to grab hold of, difficult to manage…and there are just simply TOO MANY of them.

Yes, you may be able to get control of one or two of them but you’ll never be able to control the entire flow of thoughts

(In fact, that’s the whole rationale behind meditation, the idea that you cannot control all of your “monkey mind’s” thoughts and so instead you should notice them, accept them as they are, and allow them to pass)

Second, it’s pretty unrealistic to expect someone to ALWAYS be positive.

I mean, not everything that happens is good or a “glass half full” moment.
(“My car’s just burst into flames…great. Now I can…er…cook marshmallows”)

Some things are downright rotten…

And although you probably don’t want to fixate on them or spend days ruminating on how bad your luck is, you also don’t need to put a positive spin on everything.

Over the long term, no-one can do this…but when you think that you NEED to control all your thoughts, then you’re constantly criticizing yourself or metaphorically beating yourself for ‘falling short’

Last, and most significantly, trying to control your every thought is TOTALLY unnecessary.

You see, when you fixate on your conscious thought, you’re focusing your attention on the molehill instead of the mountain.

It isn’t your conscious thoughts that are most important.

It is your subconscious thoughts.

They are your most profound and most deeply held thoughts and beliefs…

It is THESE thoughts that are responsible for manifesting your reality.

…And so, sure, having a positive frame of mind and ‘staying on the sunny side’ is generally better than being negative because it’ll probably make you feel happier, moment to moment…

But you CERTAINLY don’t need to try and control all of your thoughts.

The odd negative thought passing through your mind has virtually zero power and zero impact on your ability to manifest.

It’s only when these negative thoughts are repeated over and over and over again, day in and day out, that they build up enough power to change your subconscious mind and your beliefs.

(and, luckily, even if this DOES happen, there are ways to get into the subconscious and reprogram yourself for success and positivity that are FAR more effective than ANY negative programming you could do through consciously repeating negative thoughts)

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Law of Attraction Myth #6 – The Law of Attraction Makes People Selfish or Materialistic


This is a myth that I hear a lot…and it’s actually pretty understandable why some people believe this.

After all, so many law of attraction movies, books, and gurus talk about how you can use the law of attraction to manifest huge wads of cash, big houses, fame, sports cars, shiny toys, etc…

So, I guess, it’s only natural that some people misinterpret this as meaning that the Law of Attraction makes people materialistic.

But, if you take a moment, you can probably work out WHY LOA teachers often focus on this…

You see, it just happens to be the case that money has a big impact on our quality of life.

…And many (if not most) people are totally burdened with negative thoughts and beliefs around the topic of ‘money’, beliefs that mean they experience lack and limitation, that they never seem to have enough money to enjoy life or get ahead, and, many people believe that the ‘good life’ is for other people…

In fact, negative thoughts and beliefs around money are SO common and SO powerful that even lottery winners who win million dollar jackpots USUALLY find themselves back in poverty within a matter of months.

And so, given that money is:

  • important
  • a HUGE sticking point that most people struggle with
  • …and the ability to manifest massive wealth is something that is a powerfully persuasive demonstration that the Law of Attraction works

…it’s only natural that LOA teachers spend so long discussing it.

But, the reality is that the Law of Attraction is what you make of it.

It’s simply a tool to help you bring about your dream life…

Maybe you’re someone who DOES want to live in the lap of luxury in a huge mansion…or maybe you’re someone who wants to live a minimalist life, traveling from adventure to adventure…or maybe you want to live in a small, country village with a tight-knit community.

The Law of Attraction literally doesn’t care.

But here’s the thing…

For most people, the Law of Attraction is likely to make you LESS selfish and LESS materialistic, not more


Well, think about it…

Once you start to master the LOA and begin to see the world as a place that’s fruitful and abundant…

Then you no longer feel the need to horde money or become attached to possessions, because you’re no longer living from a place of scarcity.

Once you start to realize that you CAN manifest your dreams into your life…

Then you become more serious about identifying what it is that will truly make you happy.

…And as for the LOA making people selfish…

Well, let’s put it this way

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Once you have the ability to manifest money…wouldn’t that allow you to help your friends and family…and free you up to give MORE to charitable causes you believe in?

Once you discover the ability to manifest the life of your dreams and see how filled with abundance the world is…wouldn’t you WANT to see others succeed…knowing that their success won’t interfere with yours

In fact, maybe you’d even get a kick out of seeing others totally transform their lives.



Law of Attraction Myth #7 – You Have to ‘Do Something’ to Make the Law of Attraction Work


The law of attraction isn’t like a light bulb that you switch ‘on’ or ‘off’.

Instead, it’s an eternal law, something that’s always going on, and has been at work your entire life.

Just like gravity, you don’t ‘do’ something to make it work.

It simply is.

So whether you continue to read and study the LOA or close this browser window and never give it a moment’s consideration ever again…the Law of Attraction will still exist.

You’ll still have a subconscious mind.

You’ll still have beliefs. And those beliefs will still manifest your reality.

The confusion comes from the fact that even though the law of attraction is an ever-present part of life, there ARE some ways that you can learn to HARNESS that power and use it to create the life that you actually want.

And it’s both discovering and mastering these techniques that is at the heart of studying the law of attraction.


Law of Attraction Myth #8 – The Law of Attraction Only Works for Some People


Following on from the previous myth, the Law of Attraction ‘works’ for all people…and it works flawlessly.

The difference is that only some people TRULY understand how to reprogram their subconscious mind and change their beliefs so that they can manifest the people, possessions, experiences, and personal attributes that they truly desire.

So, if you’ve tried, unsuccessfully, to use the Law of Attraction in the past…

Your failure has absolutely NOTHING to do with WHO you are

Instead, it has EVERYTHING to with WHAT you are doing

Using the right techniques, anyone can reprogram their mind for success and abundance


Where To Go From Here…


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So, now you know 9 of the most common law of attraction myths that hold people back.

And, empowered with this knowledge, you can completely bypass some of the most common manifesting mistakes…

Mistakes that keep people TRAPPED in bland, boring, unfulfilling lives, and prevent them from ever harnessing the LOA and manifesting the health, wealth, and relationships they truly crave.

But, to REALLY tap into the amazing power of the law of attraction, you need MORE than just to know what NOT to do.

You need a plan.

That’s why we’ve created the FREE Law of Attraction Planner.

This is an INSTANT digital download that gives you

  • a 3-part process to help you clearly identify your authentic goals
  • a simple tool to completely obliterate limiting beliefs
  • a dream-life visualization worksheet that helps even ‘non-visual’ thinkers create a powerfully visceral scene that affects the subconscious on a powerful level
  • a full 365-day law of attraction planner that helps you stay focused on your goals, keep up with your LOA rituals, and take the action necessary to make your dreams come true
  • …and more

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